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  Our company exploit specially , process , selling Olivine serial enterprise of product..The address of our company is Xixia county of Henan Province. This company site s on a Magnesium olivine resources are abundant , in 7. 5 kilometers, 1. On the main ore body 1 kilometer wide。And chrome ore intergrowth, best in quality。The locality has already become the biggest magnesium olivine resource in the whole country, processing, selling base. Adjoining national road 312 at the site of factory, the products can be transported to all parts of the country through the highway or the railway , the traffic is very convenient .
  The company relies on the local resource advantage , adopt the advanced person to process and produce the machine, the casting that is produced uses the serial products of magnesium and olivine, win the prize for the achveivement in science and technology of Henan Province many times , is in leading competence at home , has already reached imported Japanese like product quality . Company"s product quality is steady, supply our country for a long time , export to Japan , S. Korea , Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia etc, widely used in such trades as the metallurgy , mechanical casting , refractory material ,etc.. Had used examining for many years through several hundred big domestic and international factories, obtained good public praise and praise . The management aim of our company is: " the quality first, have the the highest prestige ", must supply the domestic and international customer with the products of high quality and at a reasonable price . Meanwhile, our company still accepts and exports the original olive grit and casts and uses the sand business, offer the technical consulting service in casting and using of magnesium olive grit . Welcome the domestic and international customer, write to us to negotiate the business, our company will serve you wholeheartedly!

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